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Our mission is to build the first next-generation biotechnology company – one that expands the highest quality therapies to more people around the world – through courage, persistent innovation, and challenging the status quo.

Our values – patients first, bold ingenuity, collaborative spirit, and driving excellence – are the foundation of what we stand for.

The BeiGene Approach

Over 13 years, BeiGene has redesigned how medicines are discovered and developed across the world, through research, clinical development, manufacturing, and commercial operations.

Our robust internal research, clinical development and medical affairs teams ensure we have a unique approach to research and development.

Our internal strength allows us to drive a collaborative, flexible and adaptable approach right through from discovery to market access.

Cost-effective world-class innovation

We have 950 scientists dedicated to discovering new cancer medicines – one of the largest oncology research teams in the industry.

Over one-third of our workforce focuses on scientific and clinical development through a global model of managing trials internally, with the purpose of accelerating the delivery of new treatments.

Our team of world-class scientists are committed to developing the best, and first-in-class, clinical candidates.

We recognise the importance of strategic collaborations; we partner with expert companies to meet patient and clinical needs more effectively.

Commitment to fast and broad access

We are pursuing widespread registration in developed and developing markets simultaneously.

Our collaborative and flexible approach to pricing and reimbursement has resulted in rapid patient access, often faster than industry averages.

As part of our Managed Access Programmes, we aspire to make treatments available as early as possible for those patients who have no therapeutic alternatives.

Cancer has no borders. Neither do we.

Our vision is to create impactful medicines that will be affordable and accessible to far more cancer patients around the world.

Adverse events should be reported

United Kingdom (incl. Northern Ireland): Healthcare Professionals are asked to report any suspected adverse reactions via Yellow Card Scheme found at
Ireland: Healthcare Professionals are asked to report any suspected adverse reactions via HPRA.

All adverse events (UK and Ireland) should also be reported to BeiGene at [email protected]; (UK: 08009176799; Ireland: 1800812061).

For medical information, please contact: UK: 08004320266, Ireland: 1800946589 or email: [email protected]

▼ This medicinal product is subject to additional monitoring. This will allow quick identification of new safety information.

September 2023 [0823-BRU-PRC-173]

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